Wow! Finding the right false eyelash is so hard! Many women love wearing makeup and adding extra accessories to enhance their natural features from normal to extraordinary. But the questions still remain with what length should I go with, how much volume should I have, or should I wear eyeliner with this look?
One thing to figure out is what is your purpose for wearing this lash. Is it to get a lot of attention when you walk into the room or just simply enhance the look of your natural eyes. There are three kinds of false lashes: synthetic, natural, and colored. This is your choice to determine due to the price of each then you will begin this process of asking yourself: How long are my current lashes? If they are short (8mm), you should go with short (8mm) to medium (10mm). You may not want to go with a long lash being that you may not be able to tolerate them. Also, it may not look as natural. The rule goes for medium (10-11mm) length as well, you should go with medium (10-12mm) to long (12-13mm). Applying short lashes would not make sense. For long (12-13mm) length lashes, you could go with long or maybe also considering extra long (15-22mm) lashes. Once you have determined your length the next thing you should examine is the volume.
If you want a natural, healthy-looking lash you should go with these:Name Your Lash 11-A01
If you want a more open look with some shorter lashes you should go with these:

Name Your Lash 24
If you want that overall dramatic look you should go with these:Name Your Lash 27

Each one of these looks is your choice. The next step is determining how long you will be wearing them. That will help you choose a glue that appropriate for the wear. Maybe just for one night or for two to three weeks. That is for you to decide. There are a thousand eyelash glue companies out there. Please read the labels and ingredients of all products purchased. Some products will also tell you how long it will last and how to remove that particular glue. One rule to go by is always test the product somewhere else on your skin prior to use on the eyelid. You want to look cute and not like something is wrong. Now you know how the process of determining a great lash for you. If you need instructions on how to care for your lashes read the diagram below. And thank you for reading. Happy lashing!!